March 21, 2023

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143.1 Million Shiba Inu Tokens Burned in Past 3 Days: Report

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As reported by the @Shibburn page on Twitter, in the past three days, various members of the Shiba Inu community have burned over 143.1 million of these canine coins.


The biggest sum in SHIB that was shifted to a dead wallet in a single transfer totaled 111,111,111 coins and it took place three days ago.

The Shibburn website shares data on various teams burning SHIB available on Etherscan and puts it in one place. It shows that the most recent SHIB burns took place seven and four hours ago. Both times 1,882,892 tokens were locked in an unspendable wallet.

So far, according to the data published on the website, 410,303,115,608,069 SHIB has been destroyed from the initial supply of one quadrillion tokens. 41,017,938,837,733 SHIB are staked at the moment.

Source: shibburn

As covered by U.Today on Friday, so far in February, two businesses that have committed to burn SHIB tokens have destroyed a comprised 887 million Shiba Inu has been burned so far this month – Bigger Entertainment and Travis Johnson’s SHIB burn games.

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