March 21, 2023

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The latest cryptocurrency market news for today. We’re moving! Transfer to a new domain –

2 min read We’re moving! Transfer to a new domain – The move itself consists in automatically redirecting users from all pages of the old site to the corresponding pages of the new site We’re moving! Transfer to a new domain – NEW Domain for users…

And you can not just take and redirect all visitors only to the main page of the new site. It is necessary that the redirection takes place from one page to another.

It will automatically substitute the name of the current page and form the correct link. But don’t forget to make sure that the urls of the old and new pages match. For example an old page New page is

If you are not afraid of such changes and temporary failures of site indicators, then go for it! Just do everything consistently and competently. Transferring a site from one domain to another consists in redirecting those who came to the pages of the old domain to the same pages, only with a different domain name.

The attitude of many countries to gambling, and since options are related to them-domain Theserbit it was sanctioned and turned off in many countries. Users can now log in to their accounts using the new domain name

That’s it! Now it remains only to monitor the site’s performance on the new domain. Over time, the old site will leave the index, and the new one will regain its position. If you did everything according to the instructions, then changes in the indicators will be painless for your account.

The reasons why site owners decide to move a site to another domain may vary.

I will note the main ones

  • The organization changed its name. Old name – already offline.
    New name – already online!
  • The creator wants a more relevant domain name.

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