August 7, 2022

JIC News

The latest cryptocurrency market news for today. users spent a total volume of 177,33 BTC

2 min read users spent 40 transactions with a total volume of 177,33 BTC

In other words, Sixty transactions worth 66.94 BTC cryptocurrency exchange to anonymous addresses.

Other forty transfers in the amount of 75.30 BTC exchange.

The largest transaction for 39.9 BTC He was mades from an anons wallet on
The smallest volume is 25.3 BTC

In this paragraph, other things, the exchange said that in honor of the launch for traders and gamblers using Premium. 25% discount on trading commissions will remain for at least another year.

Above allThe bonus was made contrary, to the conditions prescribed in the whitepaper, according to which for the third year.
Of the platform’s existence, the discount should be 18.5%.

Pros: is one of the most popular crypto exchange platforms on the web. It allows you to purchase and trade between a huge variety of different cryptocurrencies, and has minimal withdrawal fees, too.

Pros: is a cryptocurrency broker/exchange that offers strong security, user-friendly platform, easy payments as well as helpful customer support.

Pros: howeverExchange is a reputable cryptocurrency exchange platform that is suitable for both beginners and more advanced users. It takes additional security measures and provides you with a high-quality service.

Cons: requires a minimum deposit for verification when registering, which may scare off some users. It has a limited selection of coins, as well as a limited selection of financing methods.

The exchange platform is also very reliable, has a long-standing reputation, and offers decent, fixed fees.

Over the past day, increased activity was recorded.

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