March 21, 2023

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RLBLC Announces Launch of the World’s First Luxury Real Estate NFT

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RLBLC (Real Block), a platform creating generational wealth through equity ownership in luxury real estate and crypto assets, announced the launch of its Genesis Founding Membership NFTs.

RLBLC Offers Luxury Real Estate Ownership with Exclusive Nightly Owner Rates

The platform, whose name combines “real estate” and “blockchain,” addresses the challenges many of today’s millennials and Gen-Z face when trying to build home ownership equity by empowering the community to own the ultimate financial asset without sacrificing their desired lifestyle. Members will build generational wealth and have the opportunity to live where they want, when they want.

For the first time, the financial benefits of real estate are combined with the lifestyle demand of today’s home buyer. Through RLBLC, members own luxury real estate assets with exclusive nightly owner rates, acquired through the crypto currencies they want to use with full transparency on the blockchain.

The wealthy have long known that real estate ownership combines an unmatched lifestyle and unique financial benefits. Yet, for today’s average millennial and Gen-Z investor, the traditional ownership model no longer suffices; it is out of reach and out of date.

This paved the way for RLBLC to harness blockchain’s greatest strengths and offer equity real estate ownership, financial growth and stability, and IRL lifestyle rewards.

Ari S. Goldberg, Co-Founder and Chairman of RLBLC, said:

“We are revolutionizing investing in luxury real estate, the world’s most sought-after and difficult to enter asset class. We’re dedicated to creating equal access to equity ownership in luxury real estate and will provide exclusive investment opportunities for a curated community of like-minded individuals that want financial returns and utility from their investments.”

RLBLC shatters the paradigm by supporting its community to access the financial and lifestyle benefits of luxury real estate ownership, in the way they want to own it. This addresses a significant opportunity in the $43.4 trillion dollar American residential real estate market and affords today’s investor the ability to live where they want, with the people they want, without missing the opportunity to create generational wealth.

Among the benefits RLBLC Founding Members will receive through owning the RLBLC Genesis NFT are credits toward future stays, an allocation in the upcoming RLBLC ICO, preferred pricing for stays at RLBLC properties, admission to the exclusive community, early access to IRL and crypto investment opportunities, VIP entry to events, and more.

Goldberg has assembled an elite team of DOXXED industry experts and advisors with proven track records in real estate, legacy finance, tech, crypto, media, art, and entertainment. Following his role as VP of Business Development for LeBron James and LRMR Marketing, Goldberg started and sold multiple digital media and tech companies.

Goldberg reunites with his brother David, Co-Founder and President of RLBLC, as the two look to add to their successful partnerships in StyleCaster and their real estate investments. The StyleCaster success saw a business that drove 7 million+ visitors each month to their sites and a $10 million revenue business.

Following the sale of StyleCaster and other companies, they began investing in luxury residential real estate with a portfolio that now includes properties in Venice Beach, CA, Jackson Hole, WY, Southampton, NY, and Miami Beach, FL.

Ari S. Goldberg said:

“Investing in real world assets powered by the blockchain is an unstoppable combination. Bringing this to our community so they can enjoy the financial and lifestyle benefits they deserve is one of the most exciting things I’ve worked on in my career.”

RLBLC will be releasing 1,000 limited edition, Founding Membership NFTs – the first-of-its kind bridging real life utility with Web3 infrastructure and access, available in March 2022 for pre-sale exclusively on the company’s website at

Not only will Members of the RLBLC platform be able to own luxury real estate assets, but they will also have access to stay at those properties for exclusive owner rates, enjoying their investment with friends and family.

The first artist collaboration for the Genesis Membership NFTs will be revealed soon, serving as unique artwork that collectors actually want to have in their wallets.

RLBLC is creating a modern investment platform for a community of like-minded individuals that want to create generational wealth through owning exclusive real estate, crypto, and NFT assets.

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