May 21, 2022

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Social Crypto Investment Platform Bit.Store Is an Educational and Fun Entry Point for Novice Investors

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Bit.Store is a global social cryptocurrency investment platform that provides entry-level investors with the tools to immediately start investing in crypto. By incorporating a social element into its platform, Bit.Store allows traders of varying experience levels to access a data bank of multiple traders, investment strategies, profitability records, transaction records, and more, so that they can make smarter investment decisions.


Investment in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin have resulted in $9.3 billion in inflow in the past year. However, existing investment platforms for traders have a steep learning curve, lack of investor knowledge, have high fees, among other issues. Based on the net value of their account, investors are automatically classed into a member club with a dedicated asset allocation manager, who provides educational resources, news, investment analysis and more.

Bit.Store cuts out the stress of investing, with an easy-to-use and intuitive platform interface, and zero fees for buying cryptocurrency. Bit.Store has already gained popularity in Europe and South-East Asia, and is currently the most popular social crypto investment platform for novice traders in Indonesia.

“Bit.Store is a platform that pools together reliable knowledge resources for all types of traders to use,” said Carl Moss, co-founder of Bit.Store. “We want to ensure that every person who has the desire to start trading Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies can get started right away, and not have to worry about security or high fees.”

With community at the core of its mission, Bit.Store is committed to continuing to improve the overall experience of using its platform, as it develops social-fi and Web3 aspects of its business.

As such, the team continuously updates Bit.Store with content that increases user knowledge of industry trends, trading skills and more. Furthermore, Bit.Store plans to introduce KOLs and professional media who can guide users on the investment journeys.

Bit.Store currently allows fiat payments from 40 different services from all over the globe, including Visa, MasterCard and American Express, among many other local providers.

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