June 3, 2023

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Stock Exchange Exzus. Refuses to Comply with KYC Verification

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The well-known cryptocurrency exchange has dropped the requirement for mandatory KYC verification, although it will still be required if the user’s daily cash turnover reaches 2 bictoins.

User’s personal data has recently become a dangerous weapon on the Internet, hence exzus.com has dropped the required identity verification requirement.

Because an increasing number of users desire to remain anonymous, the cryptocurrency exchange exzus.com has stopped using ID.

The procedure of verifying an account has become exceedingly simple. The user must make one verification deposit in order to verify the account.

Users no longer have to wait for their documents to be confirmed thanks to this solution; after making a verification deposit, you may instantly begin utilizing the exchange in full. This is unquestionably a wise step in the direction of your customers.

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