February 3, 2023

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Tradex-wallet.com staking platform with the best percentages or is it a temporary phenomenon?

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Tradex-wallet.com a new staking program

As it became known, tradex-wallet announced the announcement of a new staking program, rewards and large payouts for staking, the platform raffles voucher prizes to its holders.

What is this about? Let’s divide the whole story into several “stages of success”

Stage one, start.
In May 2021, tradex-wallet surprised and turned the whole market with attractive conditions as a staking platform, which raised the rating of the platform along with confidence to 77 points, as a result, the platform got the game afloat new users, but the lack of futures from users partially increased. Based on this time, part of their contributors transferred assets and only ardent fans of the platform remained, who supported and continued to work with the platform, only through a huge seiking of the incidence, that there was a significant loss of online and hidden downtime.

Stage two, popularity.
After the fall in the summer of 2021, the scheme revised its Internet threat protection system, added a voucher system and an instant crypto exchange, but remained – low online and a small number of users. Active advertising could not help, as well as bonuses for referral registration. But in the end, there was a boom, users began to actively use the voucher system, which, subsequently, led to a record number of new users, which increased the number of depositors and holders of crypto-assets, as a result, increased turnover and an even greater influx of customers.

Stage three, today’s situation assessment.
If we conclude, then tradedex-wallet.com is another, atmospheric, not sick exchange, which has a number of advantages over other crypto giants, but due to weak marketing and not so significant, and the remaining space for staking, voucher and exchange platform, which has great potential, but will it reach the TOP?

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